Lucasraps Announces Partnership With Prestigious Jewellery Brand

Lucasraps Announces Partnership With Prestigious Jewellery Brand

Lucasraps has not only made a lasting impression with his infectious lyrics, gaining a substantial fan following, but he has also showcased his impeccable fashion sense, embodying the essence of a true Hip Hop enthusiast.

In an effort to sustain his presence in both the Hip Hop scene and the realm of fashion, Lucaraps has forged a collaboration with LUMINARY, a highly influential jewellery brand. Taking to Instagram, the Durban rapper and the prestigious brand announced their partnership in what they described as the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

In the joint statement post, the Amo chanter showcases a lavish neck chain adorned with sophisticated purple and silver designs, featuring the engraving “Big Qosh.” It’s worth noting that this exclusive jewellery item from the rapper will be limited to just 60 pieces.

“Introducing LUMINARY x Lucasraps. A masterpiece of opulent design and striking symbolism. This exclusive piece, a collaboration between LUMINARY and Lucasraps, embodies the pinnacle of artistic craftsmanship. This is not merely a piece of jewellery; it’s a statement, a convergence of two worlds where luxury meets the vibrant energy of rap culture. Only 60 Pieces Will Ever Be Made.” Read the statement.

Lucasraps has enjoyed a series of successful ventures ever since he made a mark in the SA Hip Hop space. Nonetheless, his partnership with Luminary is not only set to redefine the boundaries between music and fashion but also solidify Lucasraps’ status as a multifaceted artist with a lasting impact on popular culture.