Yellow Gold Grills by Luminary

Made-To-Order Custom Grillz

Crafted in 9ct White Gold or 18ct Yellow Gold. Diamonds available on request.

LUMINARY Certified • Free Delivery • Easy Returns • 10,000+ Customers Worldwide 


The grillz will be custom made to fit your teeth. These are not self moulding grills. We will need to take an impression of your teeth to begin the process, as well as once the grills are ready for fitting on your teeth. This process can take 12-21 days.  


  1. Get in contact with us via WhatsApp on (+27) 60 634 7112 and let us know where you are based, and what type of grillz you would like to have made.
  2. We will discuss the type of grill/z that you would like to order and give you a quote.
  3. We will meet with you in Johannesburg at one of our offices for the impression, and at a later stage again for fitting your grillz.
  4. Once your impression has been taken, we will send you an invoice. We will need a 70% deposit from you in order to get your grillz into production.
  5. Once your grillz are ready, we will contact you to meet for fitting. Hereafter, you will pay the balance.
  6. You’ll be rocking your custom grillz from LUMINARY!